How Uncomfortable are you willing to get?

The years leading up to this moment have all gone by in a flash and i have no reason to doubt that my remaining years will go by just as fast, if not faster. In 40 more years, an 80-year-old man will be looking back at me in the mirror and i'll be wondering, 'Where the heck did my life go?" This does not mean quit your job and party like the world is going to end, throwing caution to the wind. On the contrary, it means start working towards what you came here to do because anything worth achieving requires a certain amount of resolve. Start taking the small steps every day to work towards what you want in this life.

Now, if whatever that is for you is easily achieved, then maybe its time to rethink things. We spend so much time trying to make ourselves as comfortable as possible, but maybe life is not supposed to be comfortable. Our brains are very efficient bargain shoppers and the only freedom we seem to want is freedom from inconvenience. Climbing Bloody Couloir took months of training, a crew of people and an undying dedication to push passed physical possibility, and i sat on top of that mountain with a sense of gratitude i will never be able to explain. The more grit an endeavor demands of us, the greater the sense of accomplishment and thankfulness. Thats just how things work.

I have an ambitious bucket list and if i get to everything on it, or not, depends on the answer to the question at the top of this page. Life is short and i do not want to be one of those people who says they are going to do "all these things" and never does them. The interesting thing is, getting there does not matter. Its what we feel along the way, the people we get to connect with, the pitfalls that teach us how to look at life more playfully, that are the important things to pay attention to...and just taking the first step toward our goals begins this beautiful journey.

Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.
— Picasso

The Facts

Hometown: San Diego

Paralyzed in a motorcycle wreck in 2001

Climbed and skied Bloody Couloir, a major backcountry ski route, June 2, 2012

Released feature length Drop IN: Bloody Couloir documentary Dec 2013

Usual Surf Break: Cardiff Reef

Home Mountain: Mammoth

Favorite food: Anything my girlfriend makes

Shoe size: 11

Ocean or Mountains? Both