jeremy p. mcghee

Athlete - Speaker - Author

Photo by Rebecca Garrett

Jeremy was your fun-loving, sporty thrill seeker, tough and fearless, the exact traits that would serve him so well when he would have to embrace a new life or die with his old one. 

He wished for something big and catastrophic to happen to him and signed his own death sentence as a last resort. Addicted to drugs and out of control, his younger brother was slowly killing himself and Jeremy begged for his own life to be taken down in the hopes that his little brother’s might be saved. 

So there he lay, mangled from being hit by a car while driving his motorcycle. He was paralyzed and losing blood fast.  He would later recount that the street, where he laid, felt so warm, almost inviting him to close his eyes and sleep awhile. It was as if death was seducing him, but Jeremy's resilience kicked in and he decided to fight for his life.

He lost the use of his legs that day, but Jeremy's accident and his own personal struggles in embracing his new life slowly gave way to helping his brother find a new inner strength he had long since forgotten.

He is no longer just a sporty thrill seeker, but a bright, inspiring author and speaker.  Jeremy is a truly gifted individual who has taken his life to 'new heights'. He recently climbed a major backcountry peak, riddled with dangers, and then turned around to ski the steep pitch in his sitski. Every moment was caught on film and will be released as a feature length documentary Fall 2013 ( From the pain staking 1000+ pull-ups to reach the top, to the tears of joy and exhaustion, moments like these capture the true essence of the man Jeremy has become: A born leader and go getter with solid resolve.

In a world where people live life filled with fear and excuses, Jeremy has found a way to inspire others to 'unlock their minds' and live.  Appearing on TEDx, speaking at schools and motivating professional sports teams, he is just getting started. Dedicating his life to helping others by simply living his dream, Jeremy will probably never fully realize his impact on others.


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