What? No cool pictures? What the heck?

i know. i hear you.

In all honesty, i love the recognition of sharing photos and stories of myself living the adventure, doing things that most for some reason do not. It feels good. However, that is not why i share. i use the most powerful tool at our disposal (social media) to somehow spark a glimpse of inspiration in the masses...in you. Not that you necessarily need it, or that i'm "special" or "worthy" in any way, but that is the underlying motivation for sharing because simply being exposed to someone else's initiative, regardless of whatever his or her set backs may be (because we all have something holding us back) seems to naturally ignite the same initiative in ourselves. The key word is 'initiative' because the tendency to choose comfort over adventure is in us all. Well, it comes to me in all decisions in every day life and i can only assume we all face the same propensity. Some days are easier. Some are more difficult. i go through fazes myself, but when i do find myself choosing The Adventure (let's give it a fun name), i find my friends choosing it with me. It is contagious and for some reason, sometimes we need a little kick to get out of bed earlier or go for that run in the rain so hopefully my strong days procreate something that helps someone in their day of struggle and vise versa.

Consequently, i share those exciting moments with you and relish in the cursory benefit of your figurative applause, but have balked at doing this blog thing more because i fail to find my "real" life important enough to share. Everyone seems to have a blog these days, writing to the cloud of perpetual non subscribers, and so far i have not deemed anything "unsensational" in my life as any differnt. Although many have asked for it, an effort to build familiarity with my voice and ritiualistically rev your engine on my writing to build anticipation for the release of my books, you can see my last blog came out over five months ago. The culprit: my ego and the prototypical insecurities.  When considering sharing more, these types of thoughts arise: "You have nothing to offer,""You are not the man you say you are," and "Why would anyone care anyway?" So, i find comfort in the words of William Zinsser:

"There are many good reasons for writing your memoir that have nothing to do with being published. One is to leave your children and grandchildren a record of who you were and what heritage they were born into. Please get started on that; time tends to surprise us by running out."

Am i worthy of a blog and will anyone subscribe? Am i Hank Moody incarnate? Is this Hell A Magazine online? Well, i am not a self-loathing alcoholic with no semblance of self-control ALL the time (some x-girlfriend's may disagree), but i do share the entertaining character's affinity for "the written word" and undying chivalry. It would be nice, like him, to someday be recognized in book stores, not by a 16-yr-old who wants to seduce me and punch me in the face...that would be bad...but, as a talented writer with swagger whom people just seem to be drawn to.

In the ensuing months, i am confident that what i have to share will change many lives. i am worthy because i am human. i promise not to listen to my insecurities and to just share. Maybe you will be inspired. Maybe you will laugh. Maybe you will cry. Maybe you know someone who could benefit from my perspectives. Maybe you will be driven to ask yourself some difficult questions, but at the very least, i plan on living the rest of my life on the edge and sharing it with you could possibly make for a good read.