Two months in a hospital bed in 2010 and what came out of it? My website and Drop In TV. Not too bad eh? Laying in a bed that long, i had time to think. Crazy i only turned the TV on four or five times the entire duration too. I pondered the meaning of my tiny little life here on this Earth and what i realized is that i am here to live an adventure. We all are. That's it. Hopefully, i can stoke YOU out doing it too. I want to travel the world doing fun rad shit and share it with YOU. Originally i thought i would just blog my adventures, but why not make it a show? Enter Drop In TV. The producers of MTV's The Buried Life bought into my passion and here we are shooting the pilot of an expedition to Bloody Couloir this spring!

Lets rewind. Bloody Couloir to me was nothing. I had never heard of it. I had never thought of it. Then, one gorgeous spring day, a couple of my close friends climbed it, enjoyed a peaceful picnic at the peak and skiied it.

"Hm...i kinda want to do that."

Then they did it again...and i started to feel left behind.

"I want to ski and go on this adventure with my friends. How can i get up there?"

Its too steep and remote for snowmobile or mule. Too jagged to land a helicopter.

"You gotta climb it, dude."

"Well, if i'm going to climb it, i'm sure as hell not making my friends carry me."

I don't want to be the first sitskier to do anything. I just want to do this with my friends, eat a pb&j sandwhich at the top and i don't want them to feel like they need to get me there. I don't want to be left behind any longer.

You see, i've got arms. I can get anywhere. It might take a while, but physically, i can get there. I learned that this summer when i left my chair behind trying to figure out the most efficient and duplicatable method of crossing the sand to the waters edge. Climbing Bloody is a little more complicated, but in my mind, the same concept. Just getting from Point A to Point B. Have you seen the movie The Wall: The Journey Up? If not, see it. Steve Wampler has Cerebral Palsy and climbs El Cap. I cried though the entire thing. Unreal. He motivated me. I will climb Bloody. This i know.

OK we've established i'm going to climb it, but what about skiing it? This peak is no joke. 2,600' vert, 43 degree average pitch... rated one of the 50 Classic Ski Descents in North America. Right now, i'm not ready for it and i need to do some serious training before i ski this thing. Its just the first 100 yards or so that are gnarly really and i know i have the skill set. Its just mental. I get freaked in stuff that steep. When it all goes down though, it might not be pretty, but I'll get down.

So here we are documenting my training for the trip up. We're talking 2600 pullups...probably the most physically demanding task of my life...and i need to prepare my little body. Not only my muscles but my heart and lungs too. Swimming, cycling, climbing, paddling, weight training...all while being very mindful of what my body needs to sustain such a regimen. Nutrition is key and i gotta recommend Conscious Nutrition to anyone who cares about their well being. The key: let your body tell you what it wants...and that makes all the difference.

Also, i'm learning the importance of rest. My body can't do what it needs to do without recovering fully after each workout. I'm learning to slow down, which is hard for me sometimes. Otherwise, i tear things down too much and I'm definitely paying the price for too many years of not understanding this. I'm in the market for some magic thumbs under my shoulder blades. I.E. free bodywork. Anyone? Bueller?

In filming all this though, i can't even come close to sharing the validation i feel to have amazingly talented professionals adopt my passion and my ideas and run with them. These guys drive long distances and spend long hours working diligently on something i conjured up in a hospital bed. And here we are! This thing has become bigger than me now and i'm just along for the ride. Hopefully you are too.

Let's let go of everything holding us back and DROP IN!