I arrived home a week ago, exhausted from three weeks, literally, living my dream on the road. I think it was the white-knuckling stormy drive from Jackson Hole to Denver that did me in. Trade shows, ski days, long drives, early mornings, late nights, TV shows, radio shows...and lots and lots of hugs.

That's the biggest thing i pulled from this experience. People are moved when they see this film and, every screening, i receive a score of teary-eyed hugs. I have new friends now and feel like i have family in places like Sun Valley, Idaho and Bozeman, Montana. That makes me happy.

It's good to be home though. I missed my dog and smell of the ocean. Its nice seeing all my neighbors at the market and my training for Molokai began this week too. Its no huge formula. In fact, it's quite simple: a regular routine of stretching, paddle or surf five days a week, cardio at the gym five days a week and a little step up in my nutrition, sticking mostly to whole live foods, paying more attention to food combining and minimizing caffeine, sugar and alcohol. That's it.

In a couple weeks, we head to the east coast to share the film with more people, but a few days ago, the DVD's arrived and i feel proud. Things have come a long way in a few years and my hope is that you are "provoked". That's the goal of this whole thing. It's for YOU! If you get a DVD, the proceeds go to getting this film in front of more people and to our next project. Thanks for being our friend!