This is my first blog ever! Ya! I'm going to use this blog as a journal so fam and friends can keep up with the Jer. Ha!

Today I'm off to fashion a device out of PVC pipe to keep my legs straight while swimming. I've got the June Lake Tri on Saturday and I haven't swam for almost a year! Ha! Going to swim back n forth across Red's Lake today to get the kinks out. I should be fine though. As long as we pace ourselves, we can do anything right?

My DH bike is out of commission right now too so I'll be swimming and riding my road bike until she's all better. Taking her to the shop today to check in for surgery. Should be a week or so. That's ok with me though because I have the Sierra Cycle Challenge...three day road bike a couple weeks and I haven't ridden for about a year either. Ha!

I'd better get to it!