Happiness Doesn't Make Us Grateful; Gratitude Makes Us Happy. -Miya Goodrich

Last year, on Thanksgiving, i was too sick to eat. It was the day after surgery and my good friend actually went through all the effort of bringing an entire feast, prepared by a professional gourmet chef, into the hospital. I tried so hard to eat, but after a few bites, i just couldn't. The feeling of disappointing her wrenching my stomach even more, but my frail 119lb body was still just recovering from the anesthesia, trauma and infection.

This Thanksgiving, i piled a mountain of food onto my plate and then even ate again later, fueling up for an entire week of skiing and promoting my movie. What a difference a year makes! After a very close call twelve months ago, i am so thankful to be back to being me.

Here's a peek at my first day back on snow: