My Brother's Keeper

by Leonie Sherman

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In many ways Jeremy McGhee is your standard California surf-ski bum. He’s got sun-streaked tousled hair and an infectious grin. He lives in a converted garage on the beach at Cardiff-by-the- Sea, where he surfs four times a week. Two years ago he completed an epic ski descent of Bloody Couloir that he’s still grinning about.

But Jeremy McGhee can’t walk. When he surfs he has to drag himself across the sand and he sits on top of his board. When he skis it’s in a modified wheelchair called a sitski.

Twelve years ago a car plowed into the motorcycle he was riding. His journey from stoked 25-year-old kid to stoked 37-year-old man is the story of how the most brutal tragedy can become an opportunity. But it’s mostly the tale of two brothers and how love conquers all...