So my training for the Sierra Cycle Challenge continues. Yesterday was a BRUTAL ride from my house up to Rock Creek Lake which called for a nine mile climb to the peak. I almost quit so many times! I persevered though and it was totally worth it. I did a very short recovery ride today and even though I got a flat tire, I felt really I could conquer anything. Bring on the SCC!

I haven't been mountain biking at all because I broke my bike. I had a pretty bad crash actually and am lucky to not be hurt. My bike is pretty messed up though and its going to take machining some new parts to fix it. It is sitting in a local machine shop right now while we wait for the original designer to send the CNC drawings. Summer is very short here and I just hope we can get it fixed with a decent amount of time before the snow flies and riding season is over. Without my mountain bike I am definitely more focused on training for the SCC though.

Another fun thing we've been doing is hanging out at Red's Lake. Its a very small lake that is amazingly clear and pristine. I've been free diving and cruising along the bottom...about twenty feet down. The visibility is unreal! Freedom loves it too! Above is a pic of him swimming there.

Monsoonal thunderstorms have rolled into the area again this week. We're getting thunder, lightning, and rain every afternoon again! Lovin it! Chillin in my living room looking out my huge windows, listening to and watching the storm. So nice!