This was an extremely positive experience for me. I was pushed to my limits on this ride...Day II was 65 miles and 4200ft of climbing. Tears welled in my eyes a few times as I would come over a climb only to see another daunting ascent looming ahead. I used anger as my fortitude and strength to persevere onward. Tool and Rage Against the Machine blared in my headphones. I lowered my head...and hammered. One crank at a time inching along for 65 arduous miles. At mile 63 stood a small climb between myself and the finish. It seemed impossibly monstrous and I actually doubted my ability to do it. I got "in the zone" and hammered away one last time. It hurt...badly...but I pushed through my threshold. Peaking the climb, lactic acid burned through my muscles. Nausea gurgled up...feeling like vomit was rocking back n forth in my chest like the ocean's surface. My heartbeat surged in my skull. It took all my concentration not to throw up, but I did it. My training had paid off and I finished. Now it was time to rest and prepare my body for Day III, which was no piece of cake, but nothing in comparison.

Arriving into camp, I was met with love and praise by my fellow riders and support crew. What an amazing group of people! I am so lucky and honored to be a part of such an inspiring loving community. After this ride, I feel a stone pillar...ready to do anything.