Whoever thought the day would come when i could say, "It's as if all my dreams are coming true"? That's what i say when people ask me what's up right now. Can you relate to that? Or do you relate better with the guy last year, at this time, thinking deep down that he wasn't good enough for any of this? The guy that when he told his mom he was going to write a book she said, "Jeremy, you don't even have a place to live." Same guy...just different mindset.

Well, here i am and all it took was deciding one day to stop seeing my dreams as distant ideas that will probably never pan out. I decided to believe that i AM that guy right now. I want to write a book, travel as a motivational speaker and make a show that inspires people. I want the autonomy to take off on obscure adventures to remote corners of the globe. That's who i am. That's my dream so that's what i'm going to do. That's when things changed. When i stopped focusing on how i was going to get my windshield fixed and started focusing on the dream, everything literally started falling into place. I started being who i'm meant to be. I jumped into the flow.

My good friend uses the term surrender. "Surrender to your higher purpose," she says. I call that letting go of fear. Letting go of everything that holds us back. Everything that tells us we're not good enough and makes us stress about menial things. Our dreams are not distant. They are right here and all we need to do is stop fighting them off by not believing in ourselves. Don't MAKE it happen. LET it happen by simply doing what you love every day. Do what you feel you are meant for and things just seem to fall into place. Not only that, but when someone believes in something full heartedly, shit gets done.

So, in light of all this, i was in Mammoth filming for the Drop In trailer a couple weeks ago and i had to totally check myself while shooting. You see, i have this child inside that just wants to go play in the snow. Well, this was work, not play time. The entire reason why i had traveled all that way was to shoot. So, on a perfect powder day, we were scheduled to film at the chair lift for a couple hours. Pushing back and forth, over and over again, to get the perfect shot and all angles, I grew ancy. I just wanted to go ski. After all, it was my first day out there all season. Then i checked myself. The voice in my head, "This is your passion. You are living your dreams right now." Wow! That's when it hit me. I'm out on the snow filming...shooting my dreams...and THIS is my job. I literally laughed out loud in delight. Not fucking bad at all.

Do what you love.